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I believe the beauty of nature has a powerful effect to soothe the soul. As a girl waking up in the cold dormitories of my boarding school, I’d open the curtains to view the serene Lake Windermere laid out before me. It was a breathtaking start to my day and I grew to appreciate how surrounding ourselves with outdoor beauty nourishes our inner wellbeing.

For me, the love of nature has always been a motivating force. I designed and nurtured a garden in every home that I have shared with my husband and three children, and they have each brought years of fond memories and unique joys to our family. Over time, horticulture became my deepest passion and I am privileged to call it my career, too.

I trained at The English Gardening School, obtaining Diplomas in both Garden Design and Plants and Plantsmanship. I also completed the RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth, Propagation and Development. I am a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers and an Assistant County Organiser in Surrey for the National Garden Scheme My horticulture education is a life-long commitment.

Gardens can be beautiful without the need for a large budget and hours of toil. Many studies have been carried out surrounding the benefits of gardening for our mental and physical health. I will help you to create the garden of your dreams based on a realistic budget for your project and the amount of maintenance you are able to commit to.

A beautiful garden is as important as a beautiful home. Surrounding yourself with nature, spending time outside, and simply enjoying the landscape around you is the best way to enhance your sense of personal wellbeing, nurture your connection to your friends and family, and entertain memorably.