My Christmas gift guide

Gifts for people like me!

These are not adverts or sponsored posts – people ask me alot about presents for gardeners so I thought I would write an actual post about it!


My favourite outdoor clothing brand is I have a number of pairs of the gardening trousers. They come in different thickness but the three season ones are the absolute best! Lots of pockets for everything including one on each leg for secateurs and scissors, both with a tough inside so you don’t stab yourself in the leg with the point. I leave them hanging up in the boot room so I can quickly pop them on for a 30 minute session in the garden. They also have padded knees so I don’t need to carry about a kneeler.

I also have the gilet and the mens Dixter fleece – both which are really good and you can see me actual modelling them on any of my videos. Anyone in your life who spends any time in the garden will thank you gratefully for a gift of such robust, useful and comfortable clothes.


My boots are from I treat them terribly but they continue to keep my feet warm and dry and I can wear them all day without any bother. Another great gift and also quite cool if you want to wear them around for nice gardening visits and days out.

This year I have actually realised the joy of socks – you might think this is a joke present but my life has been enormously improved by my lovely socks I bought from Warm and not itchy at all and just delicious! I do actually treat them with proper respect and joyfully hand wash them. They are luxury that anyone who works outdoors will really thank you for.


Secateurs – I still use Felco secateurs and a real treat is a new pair of secateurs – I use the model 2 ones.

Saws – a small pruning saw is a great tool to go with the secateurs – most things I do in the garden are either a small saw or secateurs and I have the folding saw from Felco as it fits in my pocket or in a holster.

Planting spade – – this is the BEST planting spade I own – its a cross between a big spade and a trowel so I can plant quite big things on my knees. You may have noticed that I hate getting up and down and do alot of crawling around on my knees and this is a great tool for exactly that.


My favourite pots are from Bergs Potter and you can buy them at Fantastic for house plants or smaller choice pots to have about on outdoor tables, they aren’t the cheapest so make a lovely gift!


My favourite garden designer is Arne Maynard so any of his books are a fantastic gift for any lover of outdoor space. I am addicted to gardening books but I still go back to ‘The Gardens of Arne Maynard’ for joyous inspiration. It is my top pick for gardening books.

My favourite novel is ‘The Enchanted April’ by Elizabeth von Armin. It’s a book about believing that good things will happen and set in Italy in April and is a tonic on a dreary winters day. Let me know what you think!

My new top cook book is by Julius Roberts – absolutely beautifully written and delicious seasonal recipes.

You may have noticed from my instagram that I am having a mini obsession with Provence at the moment and when I was there I was lucky enough to meet the photographer Jamie Beck who has written the most amazingly gorgeous books and generally has all manner of lush things to buy which would make lovely gifts for anyone.

Days out – gifts of experiences

Great Dixter – – need I say more – plant HEAVEN!

Woolbeding – – a hidden gem in West Sussex – book a whole day for this one as there are really interesting parts to this varied garden. Also read a book about the Silk Road before you go! A cool new space ship style greenhouse at the end of The Silk Road plus a separate garden designed by the Bannermans make this a great day out. Take a picnic – you have to take a little mini bus from Midhurst so add that little fun outing to your day and maybe stop off at Cowdray farm shop for tea on the way home – plus possibly a bit of shopping.

Wollerton Old Hall – Another plant heaven of a garden and the inspiration behind many of the garden design at The Coach House. Perfect example of an English garden.

Wishing everyone a lovely December and remember if you are reading this because you want to buy me a present I do have most of these things above already but I do really like nice things to eat and cook with, things for the bath as I am often soaking tired muscles in hot baths and always love a new house plant and can’t get enough of days out!

Plus obviously I like diamonds and would like a nice little house in the Luberon…. oh yes sorry having a little day dream there…..